We deliver fun science workshops, aligned with the Curriculum for Excellence. We aim to educate, whilst entertaining: NovoScience covers many aspects of the five Curriculum for Excellence key scientific areas: planet Earth, forces, electricity & waves, biological systems, materials and topical science. We also can adapt all workshops for an adult audience.


Fun, educational activities, delivered by practising local research scientists, with an enthusiasm for science communication. We make science fun but we don’t “dumb it down’ and we know that everyone can understand complex cutting-edge science.

We deliver fun hands-on science workshops, aligned with the Curriculum for Excellence (Planet Earth, Electricity & waves, Biological systems, and topical science).

Our Workshops Include:

  • Bad Bugs Fighting Back (Biology, health & topical science; key stages 0-2).
  • Measuring the speed of light (waves and maths; key stage 2).
  • Making rainbows (light, waves; key stages 0-2).
  • Making fruit batteries (electricity and chemistry; key stages 1-2).
  • How much gas can you make? (biological systems, experimental planning; key stages 0-2).
  • Dino DNA. Isolate DNA from ‘dinosaur poo’ (Biological systems; key stages 1-2).
  • Rocktastic! A close-up looks at some rocks and fossils and instructions for making your own crystals (planet Earth; key stage 2).

Much more – please contact us as we can customise workshops, shows, experiments or activities to match your curriculum.

What do we charge?

Flexible pricing to suit individual classes or the entire school:

    • £165 for 45 min activity (10 min between groups).
    • £350 for half day activities.
    • £600 for full day activities.

We can customise multiple activities, for all age ranges, as per your requirements.

When will you need to pay?

We will send you a booking confirmation and an invoice.  This would need to be paid within 30 days and before your visit.

How far will we travel?

Currently, we routinely only cover Edinburgh and parts of West Lothian. However, do get in touch, if your school is outwith these zones, as we may be able to travel to Midlothian and East Lothian, depending on existing commitments.

Do schools have to provide any equipment?

Two small tables are essential as is somewhere to hang two A1 posters, which the children can access. A computer and projector would be fantastic, so we can hook our microscopes up and allow all to see, but this is not essential.

How can you book us?

If you know what activity you’d like to book, please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.  If you’d like some more information on our activities, please get in touch via e-mail or telephone and we’ll be happy to advise you.

How long do we need to set a workshop up?

We need at least 30 min, without children present, to set up.

What is our cancellation policy?

See our Terms & Conditions below.

Do teachers have to stay with the students?

Yes! Novo Science will at no point, be responsible for the group and must not be left without an appropriate, trained member of your school’s staff. Our risk assessments are based on one class of up to 35 students with one teacher.


We are not currently providing routine school visits but we can most likely customise a workshop to fit in with your school activities or curriculum. Please contact us with any ideas that you have and we can help you add some real science.

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