Training & Communication

We offer tutoring via telephone, e-mail and Skype in the following subjects:
  • Biology (plant and animal)
  • Scientific laboratory skills
  • Immunology 
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular Biology

Prices vary from £25-£50 an hour, depending on the nature of your requirements (school students will normally be charged at the lower end of the price scale).  Please tell us your specific requirements via the Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch to discuss a study plan.

Currently teaching with the Open University

Researches need to be thinking about how to create “impact”, deliver “more bang” for their bucks and get their research out into the public domain so that people know what they money is being spent on and why it’s important. However, scientists (and bio-engineers) are paid to carry out research, so why not engage Novo Science to do this for you? I’d be delighted to hear from anyone who wants to get his or her research “out there”.

Dr. Pam Cameron has 22 years of practical science experience in a variety of roles including as a bench scientist, line manager, project supervisor, tutor and dissertation marker.

She is also a keen science communicator believing relevance, metaphor and a sense of excitement are all that’s needed for everybody to engage with, and understand, cutting-edge scientific discoveries.

Dr Pamela Cameron has undergone a Disclosure Scotland check (in accordance with the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act, 2007.

We can help with:

  • Creating activities, workshops or demonstrations for you to deliver at science festivals
  • Working with you to design and deliver workshops or doing so on your behalf.
  • Taking your work out into the community (art galleries, shopping centres, community centres, etc).

Work with us to enhance your own ideas

Grant awarding bodies now want to know how applicants will disseminate their results and are keen to see engagement with a wide audience. They are particularly keen to see public-funded research passed on to the public, at large, rather than hiding behind paywalls in specialised academic journals.

At Novo Science we can help you carry this out. Why use up precious resources and staff hours, taking you from the very research that you’re funded to carry out, when you can commission us to create a public-focussed event, based on your own novel data?

We offer courses in the following areas:

Scientific Writing
A half-day course on finding topic-specific literature, critical analysis of literature and data, avoiding plagiarism, setting scope, aims, objectives and writing scientifically for a particular audience.

Practical Experimentation
Hypotheses setting, identification and control of confounding variables, use of positive and negative controls, collaborative working, accurate recording, data presentation and communication. This half day course will include some group working as you carry out real scientific experiments.

Science Communication
Know your audience, demonstrate relevance, use metaphor and don’t “dumb it down”. We’ll give you confidence, and practise, in all of these areas so you can start to meet your public engagement commitments.

Please contact us, for more details, and to book. Courses will be held in Edinburgh (9.30 am – 4.30 pm), or we might be able to come to you.

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