About Us

Please get in touch if you’d like to commission us to deliver some science workshops in your school.  We don’t believe in demonstrating activities for pupils and we promise that the workshops will be hands-on, last around 45 min per group of 12 and are very competitively priced. 

To this end, been working with some outstanding pupils and teachers at Canal View and Currie Primary schools. Both schools took part in some science workshops, funded by the Insititute of Physics in Scotland the and the Society for General Microbiology.  They made rainbows with torches, water mirrors; measured the speed of light using just a microwave, chocolate and their own brain power; made gas (!) with a competition to see which group could fill the balloons the fastest; learned about antibiotic resistance; made slime and learned about the application of force to polymers and finally used a microscope to look at some fossils and a bird feather.  Please see the News page for more information. 


Pam started off as a biomedical scientist, with expertise in host-pathogen interactions (how pathogens make us sick and what our immune system tries to do about it), having worked on E. coli O157:H7, Campylobacter jejuniCryptosporidium parvum and Leishmania mexicana.   

NovoScience was created to help researchers meet their obligation to communicate their research with the public.  We create science shows, workshops and deliver public talks at science festivals, schools, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  
We also feel an obligation to ensure that companies use best practice in scientific evidence and consult on all matters pathogenic – give us a call.
Dr Pam Cameron BSc PhD DipHE MRSB FHEA

Superstar Supporters & Collaborators

  • Ms Amanda Boyd BSc – video & co-writer (University of Edinburgh).
  • Prof David Corne BSc PhD – long suffering collaborator (Heriot Watt University).
  • Mrs Dawn Grant BSc – photography (Moredun Research Institute).
  • Ms Sherry-Ann Sweeting BA MBA CIM DipM – glamorous events assistant (Freelance).
  • Dr Clare Taylor BSc PhD FHEA – co-presenter and senior lecturer (Edinburgh Napier University).

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